DAY 4-5 of Me wanting to become a millionaire and breaking my identification with my body and mind.

Okay, so sorry I didn’t update you guys about my progress. I am getting better. I realized that a lot of things depend on your reaction to situations. So If I can consciously react to something, I think I can maintain my focus on one particular thing and make it out of the normal kind of life that I am living.

I still got a job and some projects. No fireworks though. I would enjoy having a million dollars in my bank account. Anyway, I don’t have it.

So to get there I have to fix myself first. No hatred, no blaming others just focusing on myself and work.

I will let you guys if anything new happens.

BTW, I promised I will do 6 sets of yoga, but I didn’t do it. I am still doing 3 sets. I will try to do 6 tomorrow.


Bye for now!

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