DAY 12 of Me wanting to become a millionaire and breaking my identification with my body and mind.

Today was not productive at it’s best. I know I can do better. I keep thinking of ways to be rich and one important question that pops in my mind is that, is being rich only think I want OR I also want fame and attention? I think I do want fame without judgement from others which is clearly not possible. So, I know I have to improve myself.

One thing which is clear is weather I want fame or not, I have to fix my fear of judgement. Unless I fix that, I will be in constant state of fear which will be more or less from moment to moment.

The more I think about it, the more I conclude that success and emotional balance go hand in hand.

So for my update on animation and job, nothing much. I am thinking of buying tablet to fastrack my animation but I do not know if that will improve my results. I guess I will make like 4-5 videos then order it.

Will keep you guys posted. Thank you and take care.

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