DAY 14 of Me wanting to become a millionaire and breaking my identification with my body and mind.

hey guys, so I started learning animation. Even created one basic video. Not uploaded yet. Handling job work and also I was approached by one big client. I am hoping to close it. I think I have to prioritise some stuff. So here’s what I am gonna do.

I am gonna keep my job as priority as it is giving consistent fund. Then freelancing because it has been my bread and butter for a long time and last will be my experiments with other stuff + animation which might lead to a million dollars.

For my body and mind, I realised and I still need to work on myself. I sometimes react to situations in not a good way and take things on my ego which is not good. Trying to be a better person physically and mentally. Also, I think I need to take a walk or cycle outside just to open up my mind a bit.

Will keep you guys posted. Thank You.

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